La Banda´s Chapel . Museo Casa Duende
It was builded at XVIII century, is a archeological, religious and historic museum that is a testimony of the colonial architecture, still existing in our land. Also give to visitors pictures and cultural objects from a long time ago. Declared as cultural and touristic interes by the city hall. Is a particular museum about mitics persons from the indigen cosmovision, represented in ceramic and wood sculptures. It has a showroom and a handcrafts shop.
La Bolsa archeological reserve   Loma Redonda (ex Park Los Menhires)
It¨s an archeological site of the agro-alfarera tafi culture. It show a real prehistoric aldea. Guided trip show the sistem of asentamiento, where the rounded shapes predominan.   Located in fron of La Angostura lake, it was the place where the Menhires were from 1977 till january 2002, date they were spread in the original site.
The place has an excelent view of all the valley.
Menhires (La Sala)   Menhires (Casas Viejas)
Conjunto de megalitos tallados entre el 300 a.C. al 800 d.C. por la cultura Tafí.
Realizados en rocas graníticas, llegan a tener hasta 3 mts de longitud. Algunos llevan grabados dibujos en una de sus caras.

  Es un conjunto de menhires dispuestos de forma tal que asemejan su condición de relojes solares como instrumentos para indicar el comienzo de las estaciones del año.
Estos megalitos fueron declarados patrimonio arqueológico nacional en 1993.
Estancia Las Carreras   Estancia Los Cuartos

It is a live testimony of the colonial pass with more than 200 years old. Original fronts, corrales de pirca (stone walls).
It has a cheese fabric to visit and taste a few kind of cheeses knowed internationally.

  Located in the village of Tafi del Valle, it has originals buildings and furnitures. The galery and central yard with aljibe are the alive testimony of the colonial past. Guided visiting can be made and some activities like criollos lunch or teas.
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