Located 2000 meters above the sea level, as a part of the precordillera, is 107 kilometers away from the city of San Miguel de Tucumán on the route provincial N°307.

Is a valley with aproximated 150 km2, sorrounded by mountains, strings and picos that reach the 4500 meters high (Cerro Muñoz), with a hill in the middle (cerro Pelao) that divide the valley in two, Las Carreras and Tafi.

It has a population of aproximately 10.000 spread in all the valley, that become to three time more at the holiday time with tourists.

In summer the day is fresh and dry, with a media of 25°C, with a very good sun and a fresh and relaxing shadow. At night, the temperature goes down, it´s good for a warm cloth and sleep with blanket.

The winter is soft, with snow at the peeks and sometime snow at the valley. The media is 10°C with a sun that heat the day.

Tip for tourist:
In summer take light clothes, if is posible, long manga and solar protection to enjoy the day. At night always a abrigo.
In winter warm clothes with wind protection.

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