All the valley join the landscape´s beauty and the weather´s benignity with the ancient traditions. Sorroundings with beautiful landscapes, high mountains and fresh valleys; vertientes, forest, fruits plants.

There is a cautivante mistery, product of the aborigen culture that are evidence in the enigmatic megalites called Menhires, the ceramics and the rest of ancient constructions and terraces of cultive. All the valley is a great archeological site, almost undiscovered.

The colonial times and the "criolla" culture are manifested in the mud constructions and the handcrafts.

Another element is the valley´s history, with their diferents peoples, first the aborigens and their development as Cultura Tafi, the Cultura Santamariana as part of the Diaguita Calchaquí world, the Incaic domain, the Spanish, the Jesuits, the Estancias until today, are another element of touristic interes.

The flora and the fauna, are also very interesting because the valley has an special climate.
The activities relationated with aspect of the seasonal landscape are the traditional "corridas" and moving of catle, generally from places in the outside of Tafi del Valle to the Estancias in Tafi betwen september and november. These moving are complementered with local activities in relation with the farm dutys, as

Touristics Activities
Note: All the activities can be done by yourself, requesting aditional information at the diferents offices in the village. We recommend to hire guides to make the trip more interesting.
Around the Valley   Around the Lake - 4x4
Es un recorrido a traves de la RP 325, rodeando el cerro Pelao, en el cual se obtiene un vistazo general de todo el valle. Puede visitarse museo Jesuita La Banda, El Rodeo, Estancia Las Carreras con su fabrica de quesos, El Potrerillo, El Rincon, El Mollar, Menhires y Loma Redonda.   Recorrido por las periferias del lago La Angostura. Puede recorrerse en vehiculo 4x4 donde la aventura es mas excitante. Puede visitarse Campo El Molino, Rio Tafi, Menhires de Casas Viejas, El Mollar y Loma Redonda.
Quilmes´Ruins trip   Trip 4x4 - Los Sasos river
Dista a solo 80 Km de Tafi del Valle. Puede visitarse el Museo Pachamama en Amaicha del Valle, Santa María (Catamarca), Bodega de Vinos, Fabrica de quesos de Cabra, Fuerte Quemado y Ruinas de Quilmes.   Es un recorrido donde se necesita experiencia en el manejo de 4x4. Se encuentra condicionado a las variables climáticas. Puede visitarse Museo Pachamama y Ruinas de Quilmes.
Horse Riding   Trekking
Las cabalgatas guiadas permiten al turista recorrer por sendas de baquianos y conocer lugares de espectacular belleza y magnitud. Existen circuitos en La Costa I, La Costa II, La Mesada, Cerro El Pelao, Cerro Ñuñorco, La Cienega, Cerro Pabellon.   Existen numerosos circuitos en los que se puede realizar caminatas. Estos pueden ser a Cerro El Pelao, Cascada Los Alisos, Loma de la Cruz, Cerro El Pabellon.

arreo, pialadas, corridas, yerra and others; of course after these activities is necesary recover power with a rest and drink mate before a great barbacue.

The village located in a hill, it´s has streets that go up and down in a particular style. They fill at the ritm of joi joi and others songs that the people play with guitars, violins and drumms.

The handcrafts chesses are very apreciated as well as sweets, dried fruits; also is available the rustic clothes.

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