Private Parking
Parking is available in the property with night survillance.

Telephone - International Direct Dial
All our rooms has telephone with direct access to outgoing line. The phone rates are similar than the publics cabins.

Internet - Surfing and e-mail checking
In the front desk, we offer internet access for surfing in the www or just check the e-mail account. Rates are cheaps.

Touristic Information
You can ask about the valley´s characterístics, what to do as horse riding, guided trips, local trip in Tafi or the Calchaqui Valley.

Bilingüal Staff
Our staff speak english and spanish.

Table Games
You can ask in the front desk for a variety of table games as spanish cards, burako, backgamon, chess.

Books for Reading
Also we have some book about the valley, can be ask it for free in the front desk.


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